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MA’s Playhouse is a theater and media company that seeks to increase the lexicon of plays, films and stories emanating from diverse cultures with particular attention on the Caribbean and its diaspora around the world. The mission is to amplify the multi-ethnic perspectives on identity and immigration, as well as highlight its effects on culture and community through plays, films and stories.

My adventure working with MA's Playhouse really stemmed from the incredible rapport, respect, and friendship I share with its founder and director, Antonevia Ocho-Coultes. Antonevia is a dynamic, multi-talented, brilliant woman who has always inspired me with her consistent energy, creative vision, and eternal optimism. It was an easy yes when she asked me to participate in the Nostalgia project…plus, it was an introspection on growing up in Trinidad! How could I ever say no! I had a wonderful time, and the piece landed beautifully with both the actors and the audience. I would work with MA's Playhouse again in a heartbeat and wish them continued success.

R'kardo SteVon

MA's Playhouse was one of the best experiences working with Antonevia. Our cast was a family; the artists' collaboration and chemistry were unbelievable. I would be a traveling troupe for Ma playhouse any day to work on productions, one of my best theater experiences.

Lee Baptiste

This might be a little melodramatic, but working with this theater company felt like being taken under the wing of a family. It was my first project post-college, and it was a healing experience because, in school, there was this heavy focus on playing to your "type" and making the people in charge of the business happy with glossy pictures and dressing to impress them. But this particular production of Ti-Jean and His Brothers by Derek Walcott took all of that away. The focus was storytelling, ensemble work, and creating our characters together. Rehearsals felt like bonding, not a hassle to get to or simply another job. MA's Playhouse made me fall in love with theater again. I haven't turned back since.

Alex Scelso